Most online best sellers in India are not of very good quality

After reading a large number of self published books and a few best sellers which are ranking well in the amazon best seller list, it is clear that the indian readers are not very good judges of the quality of the book. The success of a book depends on how well it is marketed, not on the quality of the content of the book.

For example one of the best sellers on Amazon India, “Everyone has a story” by Savi Sharma (who looks like google, tata sponsored karnal, haryana R&AW employee blackmailer ruchika king) sold over one million copies according to media reports, yet a buyer of the book was very disappointed, as the book was only a poorly written love story. The book had many blank white pages,or pages with only one name written on it, making it a waste of money for a broke person.

On the other hand, “The Break-up Clinic” a self published book by Dr Govind Sharma is very useful,can be a life changer, especially for those who have been cheated, exploited repeatedly by people who they trusted a lot at the instigation of CBI, security agencies, yet it has not got the sales it deserved, probably because indian officials and society are not very helpful to older writers, refuse to give them the credit, publicity that they deserved.

Indian intelligence and security agencies are pampering young people however mediocre, inexperienced, lazy they may be and refuse to acknowledge the merit, hard work and insight offered if the writer or person involved is a senior citizen or middle aged.