Who is preventing delivery of books to google competitor

In goa, a google competitor has been subjected to vicious defamation without any proof, and is held a virtual prisoner and almost all her correspondence is diverted and stolen in panaji, goa. The google competitor has won several books as goodreads giveaways, and the winners have sent the book by bluedart , however it has never reached the google competitor due to some sophisticated document theft in panaji, goa.
Usually if the person is not at home, bluedart will usually leave a notification saying that they have visited, so the the intended recipient of the document can contact blue dart and either collect the book, or ensure that the document is delivered at a suitable time.
In Mumbai, the google competitor always received the notification, though she is not there for months. In panaji, goa though she is visiting her home almost daily, it appears that due to the google, tata real estate, online, financial fraud , the blue dart notifications are getting stolen by some unidentified person
In a small town like panaji, the courier people remember those who are receiving the items daily , and so the courier person informed the google competitor that many of her books were getting returned, because despite leaving a bluedart delivery slip, it never reached the google competitor.
It clear indicates that some very sophisticated fraud is taking place in panaji, goa, why does someone hate the google competitor so much, that they are monitoring and stealing the blue dart notification for the books sent to the google competitor.
It appears that the house is under surveillance only to steal all the notifications, correspondence for the google competitor to cause losses, hold her a virtual prisoner, unable to contact anyone . It would be interested to find out how much indian tax payer money is wasted to steal the correspondence, and how much BRIBES are paid to officials in panaji, goa to steal all the correspondence of the harmless google competitor including books sent for review.