Missing magazine copies in Goa

In other places, a magazine subscriber will usually get all the copies of a magazine he or she will subscribe to. However in Goa it appears that a subscriber will be unlikely to receive copies of any magazine he or she will subcribe today, For example, for India Today for the last few months, copies of alternate issues of the magazine are missing.
Even for Femina which delivers copies using a courier, the magazine copies are not delivered in Goa and the courier does not leave an intimation that he has tried to deliver the magazine so that the customer can collect the copy from the courier company.
So any cheque or credit payment in Goa is being wasted due to theft by well connected officials or their associates, forcing the reader to make cash payment for whatever he or she wishes to purchase especially magazines, books. Even computer stores are insisting on cash payment for expensive computers costing more than Rs 20000,no cheque will be accepted, so more cash will be needed in Goa compared to larger cities where credit cards are widely used. For credit card payment they are charging 2% extra which is a waste of money for people with no black money to hide.

Any suggestions to end the magazine subscription problem in Goa will be appreciated