Month: October 2022

Amazon listing for Christmas stickers

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Large quantity: You will receive one Santa Claus themed roll in each of the four styles. There are 75 gift tag pieces of each design in a roll, for a total of 300 stickers. Since a large amount of stickers are being supplied, they should be sufficient for all your Christmas decoration and other requirements. Usually customers find that the quantity of the stickers is sufficient for their Christmas decor requirements for several years

High quality adhesive stickers : For smooth writing on the stickers, the gift stickers are manufactured from top quality writing paper. Since the stickers are self adhesive, they can be applied on any type of surface which is smooth. The stickers are designed so that it is easy to peel the stickers from the roll, and apply them. There is no glue residue left, and the stickers will not fall off from the surface where they are applied.

Right size: The width of each gift sticker is 2.3 inches and length is 3.14 inches, so there is sufficient space to write any message. For better portability and convenient storage, the labels are supplied in a roll.

Multiple applications : The gift tags are designed for use with the gifts which Santa Claus gets for children and can also be used for decorating gift boxes, gift bags , Christmas cards and other items. They are ideal for any Christmas themed item for your friends and family members.

Cute Gift from North Pole : These stickers are designed for the gifts which Santa Claus gets for kids ( children) during Christmas. These tags will invoke the spirit of Christmas with North Pole themed design. Looking at the stickers, the children will become happy thinking that the gifts are really from Santa Claus, living in the North Pole.

Instructions for use: To avoid damaging the labels, peel them off gently from the roll. It is advisable to write on the labels after sticking them, so that no words are erased.

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