Rampant data theft like TCS $140 million data theft forces indian citizens to use paper notebooks

The TCS $140 million data theft is only the tip of the iceberg of data theft in India, in the indian internet sector , those who ROB data and make fake claims are considered high status, respectable and trust worthy by the state and indian government who rewards DATA ROBBERS making fake claims with monthly government salaries, and dupes countries and companies worldwide with FAKE STORIES about DATA ROBBER raw/cbi employees
The indian and state governments refuse to acknowledge the computer work done by the hardworking honest citizens whose DATA is ROBBED, it blindly believes all the fake claims of the DATA ROBBER raw/cbi employees
BRIBED by the DATA ROBBER indian tech and internet companies R&AW and cbi are only HIRING,PAYING salaries to DATA ROBBER, raw,cbi employees who use ROBBED data to FAKE paypal account, these R&AW/cbi data robbers are least interested in opening their own paypal account because of the indian government policy of REWARDING LIAR data ROBBERS
So victims of raw/cbi data robbery in india,are forced to store all their financial data offline,in paper notebooks since the indian and state government refuses to acknowledge that DATA ROBBERY to MAKE FAKE CLAIMS is a crime, unlike the united states where TCS was fined $140 million for DATA ROBBERY

In United states DATA ROBBERY is a CRIME, TCS fined $140 million,indian government rewards DATA ROBBERY of goa 1989 jee topper with monthly raw/cbi salary for all robbers like nayanshree hathwar since 2010, falsely claiming that the robbed data legally belongs to the lazy greedy fraud high status respectable data robbers because all indian political parties are the same,devoid of morals,honesty and humanity.