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Books remain more reliable for data storage

Though officials want a totally paperless office, the domain investor continues to purchase books because there are multiple benefits
One of the reasons why it is better to purchase books is that government agencies and hackers can delete everything from the hard disk, pen drive, digital storage media remotely. They can also use radiation to erase data from the brain cells remotely
Most citizens who are being targetted for data deletion are not aware of the fact .
THough the government agencies criminally defame some citizens like the domain investor, they cannot change the fact that she is an experienced engineer who is aware that she is aggressively targeted for data deletion to cover up the fraud of indian tech and internet companies falsely claiming that goan CALL GIRLS, cheater housewives and other frauds who never invested money in domains are online experts, domain investors
So she will continue using books for data storage

Selling notebooks a popular part time job for older citizens

Increasingly citizens above the age of 35 are finding it difficult to get a job, so they have to find a part time job or other work to pay their expenses. Selling notebooks cheaply is a popular part time job for older citizens
In some places, the notebook sellers are selling their notebooks on the footpath after 6 pm
Many people who are finding their smartphone data deleted are preferring to purchase the notebooks
The notebooks are also cheaper than smartphones.
There are several notebook manufacturers like Parth Enterprises in and around mumbai who are selling their notebooks at a very low price.

Books from cheaper book sellers are not stocked in most shops

Since shivalli brahmin government employees are extremely aggresive in stealing the digital data of bhandari professionals, investors and then falsely claiming that the savings belong to their relatives like bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife raw employee nayanshree,and brahmin puppets like panaji goan bhandari CALL GIRL raw employee sunaina chodan, sugar baby of fraud top indian government employee j srinivasan, the domain investor is forced to use paper notebooks for business and financial data
Earlier sundaram was the most popular seller, yet their prices have increased to a great extent in just one year
So the domain investor is using cheaper local sellers like Life Line products , from Shamegh Corporation, Mumbai -15
One 68 page ruled book from Life Line products is priced at Rs 95
Shree Durga, from Saki Naka, Andheri (E), Mumbai has cheaper books, yet the local stationery shop had only one book for sale

Recipe books expose the raw/cbi fraud of making fake claims about housewife employees who spend their time cooking

Since 5 greedy liar states madhya pradesh, goa, haryana, karnataka, gujarat have been making fake allegations without any proof at all, to run one of the greatest government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD, the domain investor is making very less money, despite working very long hours, and has very less free time. So she was searching the book with recipes for dishes which could be cooked within 30 minutes including preparation and cooking time.
However, in the book “Roz ka Khana” with recipes of food items cooked daily like other cookbooks there is no dish which can be cooked within 30 minutes, some of them take 40 minutes and others take far more time often more than one hour. The domain investor does not eat much home compared to the domain fraudster raw/cbi employees who are preparing a full meal daily with rice, two vegetables, curry, raita and other dishes.
Since the indian government is openly rewarding kolhapur/panaji sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani and her scammer sons nikhil, karan for their banking fraud, cybercrime on the domain investor with monthly government salary since 2014, the sindhi scammers have plenty of money. So almost everyday the sindhi scammer naina is preparing too much food, which they are feeding to the crows in the posh area of the panaji where they live several times a day, and also the pet dogs of panaji goan bhandari raw employee call girl sunaina chodan. So based on the food which is fed to the panaji crows, the domain investor can confirm that sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani is cooking a complete meal everyday, which will take at least 4-5 hours to cook.
So though clearly sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani is spending her time cooking, raw/cbi/indian internet companies continue their great online, financial fraud, cybercrime racket of falsely claiming that their favorite fraud sindhi scammer naina premchandani, who has no computer skills is doing computer work to pay her a monthly government salary. The other housewife raw/cbi employees like indore robber raw employe deepika/veena,goan gsb fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro, bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree are also mainly cooking, cleaning, housekeeping and are paid Rs 20000-30000 monthly by their husband for their time,effort, and purchasing vegetables and other food ingredients.
It is an indication of the lack of honesty and humanity in indian society, government, tech and internet sector, that the companies and top indian government officials are making up fake stories about housewives, when the housewives are not doing any computer work, they are only cooking, cleaning for their fraud family, keeping their house in perfect condition and socializing with friends and relatives

Books on Elon Musk are popular in India

It appears that the media coverage of Tesla and Twitter owner Elon Musk has increased his popularity in india greatly
When the domain investor went to a local book store to purchase some books, the shopkeeper offered a book on elon musk, usually the shopkeeper does not offer books
Though the book was a second hand book, and not in good condition, he quoted a very high price
He said that books on elon musk are in great demand
Though the books are expensive the shopkeeper claimed that he is able to sell at least 5 or 6 books every month.

Young women selling books at traffic junction

Increasingly job opportunities for women have decreased in india, due to worsening status of educated women and job reservation for relatives and friends of top government employees like bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife raw employee nayanshree, goan bhandari raw employee call girl sunaina chodan
So some women are selling books at major traffic junctions in Mumbai
They are usually selling religious books like the bhagvad gita
When there are traffic jams, people spend some time at traffic junctions and have nothing to do
So purchasing items while waiting at the traffic junction is one way to ensure that their time is not completely wasted.

Massive increase in calendar prices this year

While the income of online workers, investors has decreased due to the government slavery racket, financial fraud, the cost of living has increased rapidly in the last one year. One of the best indications of the increase in prices is the increase in printed calendar price
The Kalnirnay printed calendar was costing Rs 35 for several years.
However the 2023 calender is now priced at Rs 50, an increase of Rs 15
There has been a similar increase in the price of most other printed items, while revenues have declined.

Amazon listing for Christmas stickers

Stickers are often required for books.This article for written for a client who did not pay. Please note that raw/cbi employees are not associated with this website, yet make fake claims as part of the government SLAVERY racket in the indian tech and internet sector. If you want a similar article, please email or

Large quantity: You will receive one Santa Claus themed roll in each of the four styles. There are 75 gift tag pieces of each design in a roll, for a total of 300 stickers. Since a large amount of stickers are being supplied, they should be sufficient for all your Christmas decoration and other requirements. Usually customers find that the quantity of the stickers is sufficient for their Christmas decor requirements for several years

High quality adhesive stickers : For smooth writing on the stickers, the gift stickers are manufactured from top quality writing paper. Since the stickers are self adhesive, they can be applied on any type of surface which is smooth. The stickers are designed so that it is easy to peel the stickers from the roll, and apply them. There is no glue residue left, and the stickers will not fall off from the surface where they are applied.

Right size: The width of each gift sticker is 2.3 inches and length is 3.14 inches, so there is sufficient space to write any message. For better portability and convenient storage, the labels are supplied in a roll.

Multiple applications : The gift tags are designed for use with the gifts which Santa Claus gets for children and can also be used for decorating gift boxes, gift bags , Christmas cards and other items. They are ideal for any Christmas themed item for your friends and family members.

Cute Gift from North Pole : These stickers are designed for the gifts which Santa Claus gets for kids ( children) during Christmas. These tags will invoke the spirit of Christmas with North Pole themed design. Looking at the stickers, the children will become happy thinking that the gifts are really from Santa Claus, living in the North Pole.

Instructions for use: To avoid damaging the labels, peel them off gently from the roll. It is advisable to write on the labels after sticking them, so that no words are erased.

شرکت خدمات سئو و بهینه سازی سایت – انجام سئو سایت تضمینی و حرفه ای – هزینه سئو کار متخصص قوی

CEFR language tests are paper based

In india government agencies are falsely linking language skills with beauty though good looking women may not speak and write english properly
To cover up the writing skills fraud of good looking and beautiful women, the computers of ugly women are hacked.
In Europe, they have tests to check the english language fluency, starting from A1 basic to C2 proficient
Realizing that computers are hacked, CEFR language tests are paper based, anyone answering the exam has to write on paper.

Shivalli brahmin hackers deletion of digital financial data, increases sales of notebooks

Since shivalli brahmins are ruthless in deleting digital financial data, citizens are forced to work offline
In 2012 itself, bengaluru brahmin raw employee cheater housewife nayanshree, openly boasted that her husband, tata power employee guruprasad was deleting the files from the domain investors computers remotely, using the latest equipment, tools available.
When the shivalli brahmin officials are modifying or deleting records from the computer, storing financial records is a waste of time, because the file which is prepared after spending a lot of time and effort is deleted out of hatred, to harass, waste the time and cause mental stress
For example for entering the financial data in a spreadsheet some time is required, and if the hacker will modify or delete the file to cause mental stress, the users time will be wasted
Since it is more difficult to delete paper records, and the dishonest bhandari/obc officials/leaders like goan bhandari cheater chodankar, naik are collaborating with shivalli brahmins to destroy the life of bhandari professionals with good jee rank, so that everyone can steal their resume and get government jobs it is better to keep paper financial records , purchasing books and other stationery