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Due to ntro, google, tata cybercrime of deleting files from laptop of domain investor, she is forced to purchase notebooks

Entire folder deleted from Micromax laptop by ntro employees in cybercrime
The ntro employees are criminally defaming the domain investor as an uneducated person because she spends money on paper notebooks, yet the fact is that she is victim of ntro, google, tata cybercrime repeatedly

ntro, google, tata employees in panaji, goa are deleting whatever files from her micromax laptop whenever they wish without being detected using the million dollar ntro equipment in a clear case of abuse of power
The domain investor had taken a backup of an entire folder buyere from her website since she was planning to shift hosting
However she found that the entire folder is deleted by the google, tata, ntro employees out of hatred for her, to waste her time.

So the domain investor has realized that she cannot store any important data on her computer, it will be deleted, and she cannot even file a complaint. Hence she prefers to purchase paper notebooks, because the cowardly criminal ntro employees will not physically enter her house and destroy the notebooks.