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My Daughter Was Falling Behind in Physics

The universe simply cannot exist without physics. It makes everything work. I know that not everyone will have a love to learn about it, but it is still important to know the basics. To get into a good university, there has to a certain level of understanding in this area as well. That is why I needed to find someone to help my daughter, who was struggling with her high school physics class. I found a JC physics tuition program that was able to help her tremendously. Not only did they help her catch up with her classmates, but a newfound passion was ignited as well.

It is amazing to me that two different people can teach the same course material and have such different results. I am not saying one is better than the other overall. What I am saying though is that one was able to reach my daughter where the other was not. Something else happened too. Her tutor was able to teach her more than just physics. He taught her how to do better in her own class at school. Read More …

Questions to Ask Before Using Home Cleaning Services in Singapore

It is not uncommon for working people to use home cleaning services in Singapore to keep a property clean. After all, having finished work for the week, many people would much rather go out and see the sights than be at home cleaning the bathroom. However, not all home cleaning services are created equal. So, what questions should you ask before you hire one?

The most important question to ask is what you get for the fee you will pay. What are the services they will perform each week for you? You should also ask what extra services they offer and how much they cost. Washing windows, for example, is not likely to be part of the weekly clean. But, the service may still offer this cleaning task for an additional fee. Read More …

I Needed a Treat Yourself Day

Sometimes a woman just needs to feel beautiful. I was having one of those days last week. I decided what I needed was a nice relaxing pamper myself day so I decided the day was going to be all about me relaxing. I started by getting me a hot coffee and reading at the cafe for a bit. Then I decided I should get a mani and pedi so I went to Orchard nail salon. They helped me relax and unwind and I left there feeling like a million bucks.

The salon was very modern and up to date looking. I chose to get a spa pedi and a set of french tips. The lady who did my feet was very cheerful and polite. I relaxed while she got to work. I soaked my feet for a bit before she scrubbed them. When she was done my soles were the softest they have been since I was a child.

I chose french tips as my work won’t allow for bright colors. They do have a very large selection of colors to choose from if a person is looking for something a bit more vibrant. Read More …

Paper notebook, exercise book, scribbling pad suppliers required

Due to theft of confidential and valuable digital data by ntro/nsa, more companies are keeping all their data offline, storing in paper format which their rivals cannot easily access. Hence the demand for paper books and related products are likely to increase in the future. Manufacturers, dealers, distributors, retailers of paper notebooks and related products like scribbling pads interested in a free listing at Bookseller can send their details by email to info@webconcepts.in and nkinf@hotmail.com

Shopping for books online no longer a good deal

Compared to 5 years ago, shopping online for books is no longer a good deal as the prices for books online have increased to a very great extent. Though the online book seller may offer a good discount, the courier charges have increased to a very great extent on some websites with almost every vendor on large websites charging Rs 60 for delivery of a book to the online buyer. For inexpensive books, the cost of courier charges will be more than the cost of the book.
In contrast local book sellers are offering a discount of 30-50% on the book that they have in stock, and there is no additional fee to be paid. The reader can also spend some time and read the book to check if the content will meet their requirement, whether it has information which they are looking for.

Missing magazine copies in Goa

In other places, a magazine subscriber will usually get all the copies of a magazine he or she will subscribe to. However in Goa it appears that a subscriber will be unlikely to receive copies of any magazine he or she will subcribe today, For example, for India Today for the last few months, copies of alternate issues of the magazine are missing.
Even for Femina which delivers copies using a courier, the magazine copies are not delivered in Goa and the courier does not leave an intimation that he has tried to deliver the magazine so that the customer can collect the copy from the courier company.
So any cheque or credit payment in Goa is being wasted due to theft by well connected officials or their associates, forcing the reader to make cash payment for whatever he or she wishes to purchase especially magazines, books. Even computer stores are insisting on cash payment for expensive computers costing more than Rs 20000,no cheque will be accepted, so more cash will be needed in Goa compared to larger cities where credit cards are widely used. For credit card payment they are charging 2% extra which is a waste of money for people with no black money to hide.

Any suggestions to end the magazine subscription problem in Goa will be appreciated