I Wanted My Yard to Be Secure

I decided to buy a HD CCTV camera kit after looking over a lot of different options. I wanted something that would record anything going on in the camera’s view in high definition. It did not take me long to find the kit that I wanted, but that is because of the site that I went to. A buddy of mine had suggested that I look at the same site where he had purchased his own CCTV kit. He only had two cameras in his but he told me that I could add as many as I wanted to whichever kit I bought.

He only has a small apartment where he wants his back porch monitored as well as his parking spot off his front porch. He has a ground level apartment, and those were the only two points he was interested in. For me, I have a two story house that has four access doors. I wanted more than four cameras though. I thought it would be good to have a camera facing the driveway too since there are up to five cars parked there at any given time.

I also wanted to have cameras facing the back yard, which is nearly half an acre in size. Though the perimeter is surrounded by bushes, I knew it would be really easy for anyone to gain entry in the backyard. I wanted to have cameras angled at both sides of the yard, and another on the side yard. In total, that meant I needed to have eight cameras, and I found a great HD camera kit that had just that amount. The accessories I purchased still did not raise the final price by much, and I know that I ended up getting a great deal on the camera and DVR equipment that I bought for security!