Missing magazine copies in Goa

In other places, a magazine subscriber will usually get all the copies of a magazine he or she will subscribe to. However in Goa it appears that a subscriber will be unlikely to receive copies of any magazine he or she will subcribe today, For example, for India Today for the last few months, copies of alternate issues of the magazine are missing.
Even for Femina which delivers copies using a courier, the magazine copies are not delivered in Goa and the courier does not leave an intimation that he has tried to deliver the magazine so that the customer can collect the copy from the courier company.
So any cheque or credit payment in Goa is being wasted due to theft by well connected officials or their associates, forcing the reader to make cash payment for whatever he or she wishes to purchase especially magazines, books. Even computer stores are insisting on cash payment for expensive computers costing more than Rs 20000,no cheque will be accepted, so more cash will be needed in Goa compared to larger cities where credit cards are widely used. For credit card payment they are charging 2% extra which is a waste of money for people with no black money to hide.

Any suggestions to end the magazine subscription problem in Goa will be appreciated

Books on indian intelligence/security agencies needed

Interested in purchasing books with information on the operation of Indian intelligence, security agencies, specifically CBI and R&AW. Second hand books will be appreciated since buyer has limited budget and needs to retrive her retirement savings which have been stolen without a court order . More details at Personal finance news


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Lawyer needed to end human rights abuses, financial fraud

A lawyer is needed to end the daily hitech human rights abuses and financial fraud on a harmless single woman engineer by powerful fraud officials, allegedly bribed by large corporates. These corporates want to destroy the life of the engineer wasting tax payer money for their corporate goals like talent acquisition, destroying competition. More details at The law counsel

Help for all your website, webhosting problems

Is your website down, cannot be accessed, hacked or are you facing any other website related problems. We provide help to all website owners, bloggers, webmasters who are facing a problem with their website or webhosting, including help for website transfer/move. Free consultancy for non profit, religious and educational organizations. More details at website help

Books for reliable information

A significant part of the content online is auto generated junk, which search engines like Google, will rank well if the owner of the website is influential, to achieve their corporate goals. On the other hand, few book publishers will publish a book which has not been proof read and does not have relevant or useful information. So if a person would like to get authentic information, it is advisable to search for information offline, if there are any published books on the subject of his or her choice. Online it has become very difficult to differentiate between the publishers who are giving correct information, and those who are locally influential, getting good search engine ranking.
Looking for suppliers of low cost DIY books

Tatbikat Yalova real estate and property firmasi çalisanlari tarafindan da saskinlikla izlendi.

Biological effect of microwave and other radiation

Urgently need any book on the biological effect and health implications of microwave and other radiation on human beings and animals
In particular need low cost copies of the book
Biological Effects and Health Implications of Radiofrequency Radiation
by James C. Lin , Sol M. Michaelson
RF / Microwave Interaction with Biological Tissues Hardcover – January 30, 2006
by André Vander Vorst , Arye Rosen , Youji Kotsuka

Kindly send prices and other details to info@marketingpartner.biz and websites@useful.in . It believed that the cruel cowardly corrupt men hiding behind brahmin cheaters bangalore housewife BBM nayanshree hathwar, riddhi, siddhi mandrekar, and obc goan call girl bsc sunaina are attacking the webmaster daily using radiation weapons causing great pain, to cover up their fraud, hence the book will be urgently needed,

reverse my tinnitus obsession phrases ebook for men and women

It has been scientifically proved that voice to skull technology exists, and messages can be transmitted to the skull. At present travelling seems to be the only way to evade the torture, as these officials and their equipment have a limited range of operation

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